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4 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2019

4 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2019

4 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2019

Most of the time, we only purchase from people we trust.

Think about it.

Whose opinion would weigh more when you’re buying something – a complete stranger or someone established in the industry who does NOT promote a product without using and testing it thoroughly himself?

For an affiliate marketer, promoting only top products which are relevant to an audience’s needs plays a huge role when it comes to that trust. The easiest way for you to find those products or services is by joining a reputable and reliable affiliate network.

According to a study by Rakuten and Forrester, more than 80% of product owners prefer recruiting affiliates to sell products through affiliate sites and programs.

If you don’t know what it is, an affiliate marketing website is a platform where owners of products list their offers to affiliate marketers who will sell them. Of course, the marketers will be given a commission for each sale.

The platform will include customer support, payment processing, and as well as offer advertising material in order for marketers to promote several different products easily and in the most convenient way possible.

There are thousands of affiliate marketing sites and programs you can participate in, but only a few will actually make you money. That’s why we’ve created this list – to let you know which ones are the affiliate marketing programs and sites that you should start working with right away!

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • It wouldn’t be a list of the best affiliate marketing programs without the Amazon Affiliate Program! You can rely on this program to work in every niche, so it most certainly offers an opportunity for you to make money. Amazon has various products to offer from books and household items to software and electronics.


  • PartnerStack
  • PartnerStack is relatively new to the business as we've just started using it 2-3 years ago. We've found lots of great affiliate programs on the platform that are related to hosting, small businesses, entrepreneurs and a few others. Pro affiliate marketers love PartnerStack as it's quick and simple to join. Its minimum payout? Only $50!


  • Impact Radius
  • Another fast-growing marketplace is Impact Radius. This is where you can find lots of web apps, antiviruses, hosting, and fashion related affiliate programs. It's one of the sites that started taking advantage of fingerprint tracking early in counting sales, which is why marketers and brands are moving their programs, products, and services to this marketplace.


  • ClickBank

  • ClickBank is popular and you may have already heard about it. It's where marketers discover the latest affiliate programs. Create a ClickBank account today as it's easy and free of charge. We highly recommend this marketplace as we've never encountered any issues or delays with the payment. As you're a new user, you may have a problem with the UX as it can look overwhelming. Don't worry as there are tons of guides on how to work with clickbank.