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Quora: How to Brand Yourself

Quora: How to Brand Yourself

How to Market a Brand and Drive Web Traffic Using Quora

Quora, as you probably know by now, is a community-based Q&A site where users can ask multiple questions, follow topics, give answers, and share their expertise or knowledge with other users. A user can post follow-up questions, objections, and comments, too.

Any response posted on every single question on the site can be upvoted or downvoted. Quora then uses its algorithm to display the best answer to every single question.  

So, how can Quora be used to build brand awareness?

That's what we'll focus on this article. We know you're itching to know how, so read on!


  • Identify Topics Relevant to Your Service or Product
  • The first crucial thing you need to do is to find topics that are related to your service, product or brand. For instance, you have an app on productivity, so search for the topics "project management" or "time management."


  • Answer Most-Viewed Questions
  • To be efficient and effective in raising brand awareness, focus on giving answers to the questions that only have a few answers. This will also help you make sure that your answers don't get lost in a user's feed.

    If there are more people following specific questions than there are good answers to those questions, then they’re worth answering. You'd want no less than seven users following particular questions. Whenever you provide an answer, the people that followed a question will receive notifications, which is why answering questions can help boost upvotes and views.


  • Structure the Answers to Drive Website Traffic
  • You will be able to drive website traffic from Quora if you write helpful answers. But, there's a catch: you should avoid promoting your service or product directly.

    To find success on Quora, don't include links on all of your answers. Whenever you want to redirect a reader to your site via a link, provide a helpful answer that's also easy to comprehend and implement. You can then post a link at the bottom to inform people where they can learn more on a certain topic.


  • Use Pictures
  • Visual assistance can go a long way on Quora. Images can be used to tell a story better. You can use pictures to explain or support your claims. They can also be used as a secondary explanation to your answer. A product shot can give users a glimpse of what you are saying when scrolling too. Diagrams, graphs, and charts are easy ways for you to improve an answer's quality on Quora.

    Quora allows one image preview for every answer. This image is an incredible help on the forum as it helps your answer stand out, resulting in more attention to you and your brand.



    Apply the tips we mentioned above on marketing your brand on Quora. If you do, you will see an increase in website traffic and engagement. They're even great for driving downloads in the case of apps besides increasing brand visibility!