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Twitter : How to Increase Brand Awareness

Twitter : How to Increase Brand Awareness

Twitter : How to Increase Brand Awareness

If you have a company and you’re not using Twitter for marketing, then you are missing out on an incredibly lucrative opportunity.

Twitter can be an invaluable tool, especially if you’re a business owner and you want to connect directly with clients or customers. Although Facebook is more popular for marketers, a lot of business owners prefer real-time conversations on Twitter.

If you’re ready to start using Twitter for marketing purposes, you should know that you can't just sign up, create an account, and expect sales leads to start rolling in.

Just like all other marketing tools, the social media platform has to be used properly or else your brand may suffer irreparable damage that can be a result of badly-timed or misguided tweets.

To prevent such a scenario, here are some tips on how to market your business on the platform:Use Specific Keywords

Keywords continue to be relevant and are a driving force when it comes to web content. Essentially, you can think of keywords as any content's backbone.

That being said, it’s essential that your business lists certain keywords that describe the industry you're in as well as what your business is. Use the keywords whenever you compose tweets.

Take note: Quality over quantity is always a good idea on Twitter so make every tweet or even character count!

Use the Search Features to Discover What Clients Need and Want

Use HootSuite or any other Twitter tool search feature to keep tabs on conversations regarding concerns and problems that your business can provide an answer to. Doing so will let you have an insight into what's on the minds of your prospects and give you an open door to help them!

Try responding with a link to an excellent video or article that will answer a user's question. Actions as little as this one can lead to ongoing dialogues which can potentially turn into solid customer relationships later on.

Engage Your Audience

Find ways for your business to engage your audience. A lot of company owners push promotional content constantly or worse, set their feed on Twitter on autopilot.

There's a right place for promotional posts. If you want your feed to receive more attention, then make it a useful resource for your Twitter following. Leading discussions on several topics that are crucial to your industry, tweeting out questions, sharing interesting articles, answering concerns of Twitter users, or even just being there will already be enough.


Remember that Twitter marketing is all about creating a relationship, but you also need to build trust in that relationship. Yes, who you're talking to may not be a client for now but you'll definitely be the one that'll be chosen when you're needed.

Effective Twitter marketing takes time. That’s why you should engage and interact with potential clients in a helpful and consistent way so you'll always be at the top of their minds.